Next Big Thing – folding electric assist bike

We’ve seen some great electric bikes in our time but this is a great idea

Commuter bikes. Ugly, right?

Sure, commuter bikes look pretty rubbish, on that we can agree. So the least they could do is take some of the work for you, right? Now, thanks to designer Gabriel Wartofsky’s Kickstarter project there could be a new electric-assist folding bike on the streets soon. And it's going to look good with its curved frame and shaft-driven design.

There's plenty of those. So what?

This folding bike is special, it's electric-assisted. It has a compact 250W motor that will give you up to 15 miles range at 15mph, so you won’t even break a sweat.

Sounds cool, can I buy one soon?

The plan is to have charging bays, similar to the docking stations for London's Cycle Hire scheme, which will be accessible through NFC cards. At the moment the price tag is sitting around the US$1,400 mark, but if they catch on expect that to drop to a UK friendly £650. No date set so we can’t wait.


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