Next Big Thing – folding cars

Forever searching for a place to squeeze in your roller? MIT has you covered with it's squishable concept car

What's so special about a Smart Car?

Have you got your glasses on? This isn't a smart car, this is the future of park-anywhere mini cars. MIT's design and engineering gurus have designed this Hiriko car to fold up in the middle, turning in to a tiny little roller that can fit almost anywhere.

I'm sorry, did you say 'fold'?

Yep. The Hiriko lacks doors, enabling it to fold upwards in the middle. The front windscreen flips up for entry and each wheel has dedicated drive motors, steering breaking and suspension to increase the cabin space. All this fancy tech means that you can fit three of this little cars into one standard parking space.

How efficient. When is it out?

The first test project should start in Spain by next year. MIT is aiming for a US$12,500 price upon release, with a handy sharing scheme along the lines of London's Boris bikes to keep costs down. Hopefully you'll be parking anywhere and everywhere within the next few years...

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