Next Big Thing – finger framed photography

The ubicamera doesn't need an optical viewfinder or LCD display. Just do your best James Cameron impression and it'll take the shot.

Uber camera?

Ubicamera. Say it with me. This tiny futuristic snapper slides onto one of your index fingers so that when you want to have a good pose and frame a shot director-style, the ubicamera actually captures that exact image. If you don't believe us, take a look at the Diginfo video below, shot with the creators at Japan's Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Science.

Hold that pose...

Nice, isn't it? We like that you can press the shutter button with your thumb as you square off your scene. And infrared sensors in the ubicamera can tell how far your face is away from the camera. So if you hold it up close you get a wide angle shot. Place it a bit further away and it zooms in.

I especially like the wire shaped accessory...

Okay, okay you got us – at the moment the ubicamera is wired to a computer but the team wants to make it wireless in future. There are also plans afoot to improve the sensors so that poor lighting means it doesn't lose track of how close your face is to your 'viewfinder'.

As a prototype though, it's pretty impressive and could mean a whole new type of hipster camera. And you thought Instagram was the ultimate photography tool for getting attention in the street. Amateurs.

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