Next Big Thing – Fijitsu Flexbook

The contortionist concept that's a laptop, tablet and ebook reader folded into one

A folding laptop, eh? Don’t they all do that?

Not like this. Thanks to the Flexbook’s flexible structure, centred joint and foldable touch screen, it can be doubled up twice for maximum portability.

My iPad is plenty portable enough thank you

Does your iPad have a full waterproof keyboard that is revealed with a mere swivel of the screen? Can your iPad be bent in half and be read like a book? Can it change form to create its own stand?


Well there you go then. The beauty of this concept is that it is just as flexible in function as it is in form. It’s a laptop one minute, a tablet the next, and a book the minute after that – the possibilities are endless.

Concept, you say?

Although flexible screen tech has been around for a while we’re still a long way off fully-featured mainstream products. The Flexbook is the brainchild of designer Hao-Chun Huang for a Fujitsu organised design competition.


Indeed. Who knows though, if you put down your iPad, do some exercise and eat your greens you may live long enough to see one of these in your local Currys.

[via designboom]