Next Big Thing – eye controlled texting

Do origami, hand puppetry and hail a taxi – all while staring your smartphone into text submission

This is going to cost one hundred million pounds isn't it?

Oh, you've read our Next Big Thing on eye-controlled games, I see. Tobii's £10k arcade game might be out of your reach but Senseye reckon their eye controlling tech is coming to Android smartphones and tablets late 2012 or 2013 – and for cheaps. The cameras Senseye uses cost between $10 and $100 – it's the secret software that's the clever part. 

So I just stare hard enough and it reads my mind?

Not quite. Senseye's tech uses flashes an LED at your peepers (that you won't notice) and uses a camera to track your eye so that your phone knows which letter you're looking at – plus you'll be able to play some eye-controlled games with the power of your gaze as well as doing boring paperwork.

Will it recognise my baby blues?

Of course – like Ice Cream Sandwich's face unlock feature, you could also use the technology as a security feature to add to your existing lock and chain set-up. Siri, you've outstayed your welcome.

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