Next Big Thing – expandable USB sticks

If Optimus Prime had a memory stick, this is how it would work

You’ve heard of this cloud thing, no?

Yes, but I’ve also had more phones than hot dinners, and now I’ve got a whole host of microSD cards cluttering up my desk. This clever concept aims to breathe new life in to these forgotten little keepers of memory by combining their power in to a single swappable USB flash drive.

Like buying a decent sized flash drive in instalments?

Exactly. Simply slot in your spare cards and their combined memory gives you a decent amount of useable storage space. A great little idea which gets bonus points for looking like a mini transformer.

I’m sold. Point me in the direction of the nearest purveyor

Sadly, the Collector USB Flash Drive, as this unit has been not-very-snappily dubbed, is only a concept. And there are still some questions about how you maintain a file system bridging multiple cards that swap in and out. We can but dream, eh?

Via: Yanko Design

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