Next Big Thing – E-mote mind-control TV remote

Just think of the EastEnders drum beats and miserable Cockneys shall appear

Find pressing the remote control buttons too taxing on your index finger? After the strain of scrolling through the guide and deciding on one programme, it can all get too much. We understand.

Which is why we hope that the mind-control remote concept from French technology design company ACCeS becomes reality, allowing us simply to will the channel to change.

The specs are impressive – under 35 grams and made from elastomer, the E-mote runs on a lithium battery and uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to your TV. The website and trailer for the E-mote – apparently launching in May – promise that when the remote is tucked behind your ear it will access what you’re thinking via a synaptic wave sensor. And you get to look as cool as this guy...

So to watch a programme, you just have to think about it. It sounds like you could even think of a vague idea of something you might want to watch and the E-mote will do all the hard work and find it for you. So play your thoughts cool if you have guests round.


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