Next Big Thing – The Day Maker clock

How do you like your iPhones in the morning?

Is there some kind of gadget toasting craze I should know about?

Not quite. This is in fact a concept alarm clock/iPhone dock which draws inspiration from the humble yet vitally important toaster.

I hope the inspiration is limited to form, not function

Fear not, for there are no dangerous heating elements present - your precious iPhone will be more than safe, albeit a little nervous.

Right. So what’s the point?

An excellent question and one whose answer (thankfully) does not involve spreading Lurpak on your favourite gadget. Simply set your iPhone’s alarm, slot it in, and when the godforsaken thing goes off your precious device rises - an angry shove downwards is all that’s needed to apply the mighty snooze function.

Better than fumbling for a button I suppose. But why two slots?

Have you ever seen a toaster with one slot? Granted, not many of us are dual wielding a pair of Apple’s blowers, but we can imagine plenty of his n’ hers iPhones snuggling up rather comfortably for some early morning snooze-mashing action. Kinky. Sadly, it's still a concept, but we live in hope.

Via Yanko Design