Next Big Thing – cloud connected cars

Microsoft wants to take Toyota for the ride of its in-car smart management life

What’s that on my dashboard? Windows?

Blame Toyota – they’ve invited Microsoft into their plug-in hybrid and electric cars to ramp up the dashboard systems. The plans will kick in with next year’s vehicles and fully roll out in 2015.

Yawn. Most new cars have GPS and wireless safety

Maybe but they don’t have Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing. Meaning there’s no remote monitoring of battery status and maintenance via smartphones, virtual operators with voice recognition or in-car control of lights, heating and appliances back at your smart home.

I don’t have a smart home

Then you’ll be able to monitor how many miles you are from the next charging station and set your car to start charging at off-peak times to save some pennies. Just don’t ask Toyota if there’s a Mac version…

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