Next Big Thing – Camera Futura

We’ve caught a glimpse at the future of digital photography – and we like it

You can’t cram a lens into a phone. Stop before you break something!

Fret not, my ignorant friend, that’s no phone – it’s a touchscreen camera with a removable lens.

Ignorant? Interchangeable lenses are hardly new, Mr know-it-all

Actually, these lenses are able to wirelessly function independently of the touchscreen, enabling you to be more creative and even control multiple lenses from a single screen. How’s that for innovative?

Lenses aren’t cheap you know. What if they fall off?

There’s a slim chance of that happening with magnetic and dual-spring mount attachments which securely snap into place. Off course you’ll still need a trusty wrist strap for your klutzy arms but then again, it’s not the camera’s fault you have butter fingers.

Is this the part where you tell me it’s all fairy dust and leprechaun magic?

If you’re asking if this is real yet, then no, no it isn’t. As with many concepts however this one isn’t too far-fetched and the possibility of instant uploads to Facbook should have all the social network narcissists drooling. Check out the video below for a rather swanky futuristic demo.