Next Big Thing – Brainlink

Control any robot with your phone, making you supreme commander of an army of Roombas

What's this Brainlink then?

As if robots weren't cool enough already, Brainlink lets you mod them to be controlled by your mobile. And it's not just robots, you could even connect this to your TV if you're feeling adventurous.

But why?

Why do toy robots even need to exist? Fun. But in this case it goes further. Brainlink will let you use your phone's inputs to control everything on the robot, including extra sensors that you can add yourself. You could, potentially, even use voice control to command your robot army, since the Brainlink is hack-friendly for the coders out there.

Cool, I want.

So do we – and at US$145 it isn't too expensive, when you consider all its potential uses. Enjoy a video guide below to see if this is going to be on your Christmas list.

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