Next Big Thing – Black Eye Sea surveillance drones

If Amity Island had been patrolled by these, Jaws would've been a much shorter movie

Robot boat?

Very good. The Black Eye Sea (BES) concept is described as an "unmanned surface vehicle", but yes, it's a robot boat.

Pop-up torpedoes?

Er, no. You've got this confused with something guarding a Bond villain's lair. It's all about surveillance, through both optical camera and sonar, and can be controlled from on shore.

So it's a remote-control boat…

It can also be left to its own devices, thanks to artificial intelligence. Oh, and it's 6m long and propelled by three waterjets that help it cruise at 70 knots – bit more hardcore than your average RC boat. Did we mention that it's submersible?

via Yanko Design