Next Big Thing – bionic camera eyes

Augmented reality comes to prosthetic eyes thanks to a digital camera and mobile app duo

Get away from my face with that Canon

No need to panic. Digital eye cameras are being dreamt up for people who have lost an eye and who have a useless prosthetic eye in its place. A project called Grow a New Eye, on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, wants to make a tiny wateproof digital camera that shoots video footage and relays it wirelessly to a mobile app via Bluetooth.

But would wearers actually be able to see anything through the digital camera?

Not exactly. The feed would be on the user's mobile. But this concept could be the first stage in creating a bionic digital eye. On the project wishlist is: facial recognition, sensors to monitor blinking to zoom, take still pictures, and a pupil that dilates depending on the light. 

Sounds pretty futuristic. Who's going to make it?

The project needs more donations by August to make this a reality. Watch this space for enhanced digital tastebuds and hi-tech hearing aids.

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