Next Big Thing – bicycle wheel lighting

Project Aura provides a way of cutting down bike deaths in a cool Tron-like way

I've already got lights on my bike, why do I need these?

Project Aura lights are built to keep you alive while on two wheels at night. Normal bicycle lights help drivers see you from behind and in front, but accident risk is higher at junctions – with traffic approaching side on. Project Aura lights give you visibility from both sides – while making you look like you've just ridden out of Tron.

Can't you already buy those nozzle clip lights at Halfords?

These aren't those basic rude-boy add-ons. The Project Aura LED lights react to your speed going from red to a brilliant white as you accelerate, so drivers are more aware of your movements and intentions. Slowing to turn off? Drivers will be in awe of your fancy lights changing colour to a brake-light red – making them less likely to plough through you. Which is nice.

How can I get them?

The gear isn't yet road legal but the process is underway. In the meantime swat-up by cracking out your copy of Tron, after watching the Project Aura video below.


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