Next Big Thing – bean bag helmets

What if the same squishy goodness that cradled your backside could also protect your noggin? Science be praised

I can’t strap a piece of furniture onto my head

Relax, it’s the beads inside the bean bags that we’re interested in, not the entire bags themselves. Though we must admit, they sure are comfy.

So where do helmets come in?

Vaco12 has sussed out that the polypropylene beads in bean bags are better shock absorbers than foam. Each bead is in contact with up to 12 others, so any impact energy is dispersed between them. Not only does it protect your noggin better, helmets will also fit snugger too, as they’ll mould to the shape of your head.

Sounds neat. When are they out?

Amplid’s Plasma ski helmet is lined with the magical power of these mini beads, and we’re hoping to see the tech incorporated into a whole host of cranium protectors from bike helmets to battle armour. If you’re in to that sort of thing.

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