Next Big Thing – atomic graphics

Remember the graphics in Lawnmower Man? That’s how dated Modern Warfare 3 will look soon

But I've only just upgraded my graphics

This isn't some incremental graphical improvement. This is like going straight from a ZX Spectrum to fully specced Alienware rig overnight. Actually, scratch that – it's better. At the moment, your computer processes a bunch of shapes designed to represent objects, hence the blocky feel of some (notably older) games. As the name suggests, atomic graphics will create hyperrealistic game renderings built at pixel level.


Euclideon – which is creating these ultrafine graphics – reckons it can render at up to 20fps and claims it will make graphics 100,000 times better than they are now.

Great. I'll start saving...

You've got time. This next-generational graphic processing power won't be with us for a few more years. And it's unlikely to be cheap when it does land. Still, you can hit the video link below if you want to work yourself up into a graphics-related frenzy in the meantime.


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