Next Big Thing – AshPoopie

Be a pooper scooper super trouper with this dog doo-doo incinerator

You can do what to poo now?

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know all about the pains of bending subserviently behind your animal to bag up its, er, leavings. Now you need never suffer that warm horrible feeling as you pick up the bag, thanks to this flaming hot solution. The AshPoopie lets you pick up and burn your dog’s waste without your even having to lean over.

It sounds a bit dangerous, no?

Not at all – the AshPoopie uses a chemical process to cremate the poop, so no flames will be engulfing you anytime soon. All that’s left is a bit of odourless, 100 per cent sterile ash, which the wind will waft away.

When can I start toasting turds?

It's still at the prototype phase – but Israel-based Paulee CleanTec hopes to have a model available for sale by 2012. We imagine it won’t be too expensive as it’ll be the chemical cartridges that the AshPoopie uses which will make the firm money in the long-term. It’s one of the best ways to burn money we can think of.


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