Next Big Thing – Apple MacBook 2020

In the future, Apple’s paper-thin laptops will have interactive 3D holograms. And still be ridiculously expensive

You found Steve Jobs’ sketchpad?

This is more than a bit of fresh design ink. This is Tommaso Gecchelin’s vision of what a MacBook will look like in 2020. We don’t know what Apple design supremo Jonathan Ive thinks of the concept, but it looks pretty special to us.

By special, you mean impossible

Okay, some of it’s a bit of a stretch. Literally, in fact. The MacBook can shapeshift from tablet to laptop and turn from metal to plastic. We think Apple might have blown ‘magical’ a bit early by using it on the iPad if that sort of tech’s in the pipeline.

Perhaps it could use ‘fantastic’. Again, literally

Not all of it’s pie-in-the-sky silliness. There’s micro-sonar controlled holographic modelling and the hinges are all magnetic so you can pull the panels apart. Granted, none of this is practically possible now, but it’s not beyond the dreams of ambitious design.

Bet there’s no Ethernet port, though

Nope. In fact, the MacBook 2020 concept is totally port-free. Nada. Nothing. It’s like a glimpse of what Steve Jobs dreams about, minus the bleeding corpses of the open source army. Less realistic than any assumptions about how the connected world will look in 2020 is likely to be the price. We can’t imagine this sort of tech being vaguely affordable, even in nine years time.

[via Yanko Design]

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