Next Big Thing – app controlled speaker lights

NEC Lighting stopped just short of designing the ultimate disco ball but we still want some of this LED action in our lounge

A musical lamp? Are you kidding me – Disney makes me violent.

Yes this is a speaker ceiling light, with added LED street cred. But just give it a chance – we'd wager you could do with one of these circular light fittings smack bang in the middle of your living room ceiling. So you might as well hook it up to an app on your Android phone and let the wireless speaker play some tunes while it's you know, hanging.

Minimalist, I like it.

Exactly – what else would you expect from Japanese tech. That is, unless you want to crank the atmosphere up a notch with some sound and light presets (Active, Natural, Relaxed) that give your room different coloured glows, levels of brightness and – we're guessing – some chilled out ambient music.

Let me guess, it's a concept?

Maybe. OK, yes. But NEC's planning to release a speaker light at some point in 2012 so if the video below makes you come over all home improvement-loving then you won't be staring at your ceiling in disgust for too long.


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