Next Big Thing – all electric motorcycles

These eco-friendly beasts from Volta Motorbikes charge in two hours... on the cheap

Looks green enough.

Well spotted. And we agree, this is one good looking eco-bike. It's the BCN Sport, one of three new all-electric models announced this week from Spanish company Volta Motorbikes. Your other options include the BCN City and the customisable My Volta.

Are you kidding? Looks straight out of Street Hawk.

Three hundred miles an hour on any terrain with autopilot high speed chases? The Volta bikes don't quite live up to the fictional Honda cycles used in the 80s crime-fighting classic but the spec is impressive, considering the love they're showing to Mother Earth.

So how fast can I go?

You'll have to wait until the official unveiling next month at EICMA in Milan to find that out. But we do know that the bikes will pack 35 horsepower and a 70 km range. You can charge your bike at home in just two hours, or alternatively at public charging points (presumably in Spain) for the equivalent of 40p.

OK, I'm sold. How long till I'm eco-revving?

You're looking at early next summer until these babies are available to buy and the guide price has been set at £4,400 (or US$7000). Then again, you get to look cool and save the planet – got something better to spend your money on?

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