Next Big Thing – air compression bikes

When the oil runs out, you’ll need to think about some new fuel for your hog. Air seems a good bet

Isn’t that Tony Stark hiding in the fuel tank?

Nope – that’s a neat pair of compressed air cylinders, the power reserve of Saline Bird, the proud beast you see here prepped to set off across that pristine salt flat.

Air? Salt? Surely rust can’t be far behind?

Hence the carbon-fibre construction, hand-stitched leather breast and chrome finish. The concept was designed with nutty French speed addicts Les Triplettes de Bonneville in mind, hence the Utah location. But it’d do for any other surface, too.

Riders on the lawn? A bike for all seasonings?

Away with your puns. Let’s think instead of of the rider’s flat position that minimizes drag, helping the compressed air turbine make the most of the contents of those cylinders. And hope this concept becomes a road-going reality soon.

[via Yanko Design]

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