Next Big Thing – 64 core processors from HP

Integrated photonics as it’s called could make processors up to six times faster and super power efficient

Isn’t quad-core good enough?

No, you can never have enough power – and with HP’s integrated photonics there's six times more juice running up to 20 terabytes per second, in theory. And because the cluster of up to 256 cores, organised in 64-core clusters, uses optics to communicate they’re super fast compared to sluggish current quad-core efforts.

Fast is good, but won’t that suck a lot of juice?

Your battery is going to be best friends with these processors. Thanks to the optical communications across the 16nm produced tech-scape, power consumption is low, really low. Currently this setup would cost you 160 watts, but using integrated photonics it’ll only need 1.6 watts.

So the new HP tablet will come with integrated photonics?

While we’ll happily welcome back HP's latest incarnation of WebOS in new tablet form, we doubt it’ll be packing this tech just yet. In fact, since a lot of the 3D stackable components are still in development, even HP’s 2015 release date prediction seems a little hopeful. Exciting stuff nonetheless.

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