Next Big Thing – 4D virtual reality theme park

Forget Disney World, theme parks of the future will pack in more tech than a T-800 Terminator

That doesn't look like a roller coaster to me

True gadgeteers don't need to get their thrills from vertical drops and gut-wrenching speeds. The Live Park interactive theme park designed by d'strict is a 4D theme park packed with Kinect, RFID tech and data sensors to offer an immersive virtual and augmented reality world for visitors.

No death-defying plunges into water, then?

Water? Not with all that tech lying round. Anyway, who needs to get soggy when you can have your own digital avatar follow you around the whole park, tracked by an RFID bracelet? If that doesn't tempt you, then the world's largest 360 degree interactive cinema house definitely should.

I'm convinced. Can we go this weekend?

Sure thing. It's 18,000 won for Adult weekend tickets, which is around a tenner in our language. Buy us tickets to South Korea and we'll definitely come along with you.

Or you can just wait for it to arrive on your doorstep – Live Park's creators are planning to bring it to LA or Las Vegas soon, so odds are it'll make its way to our shores eventually.

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