Newton – the 360’s Wiimote rip off

Talk of Microsoft priming a Wii remote–style controller for the 360 has been gathering pace.And now one blogger at 8Bit Joytsick reckons he&rsqu

And now one blogger at 8Bit Joytsick reckons he’s got the skinny on the whole thang. The top–secret project is code–named Newton (stop scoffing at the back Apple fans), with the name changing once it hits the streets, apparently at the rear end of 2008.

The Big M is said to be working closely with Gyration, who churn out motion–sensing mice. Nintendo was in cahoots with the same company when they started work on the Wiimote, way back in 2001.

So, rather than ripping off Ninty, Microsoft is simply licensing similar tech. Newton will use a Wii–like LED sensor bar and rumours also abound that it packs a mic for voice–based games. Rock Band anyone?

While it all seems a bit like a hopeless attempt to prise away casual gamers from Nintendo’s grasp, it certainly doesn’t appear that far–fetched.

The question is are we looking at the 360 becoming two very different consoles – the Xbox Arcade for Wii–style fun and the Xbox Elite for some serious gaming and media action? Looks like it.


Xbox 360 Newton controller

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