News Nugget – Samsung Galaxy Player now on sale

Samsung goes for the iPod Touch's jugular

Still banging the anything-but-iPod drum? Good for you. For one thing, you’re probably resilient enough to survive the apocalypse. And for another your answer to the iPod Touch has just arrived, in gleaming white, and is now up for pre-order on Amazon.

Samsung’s Galaxy Player 50 is the iPod to it’s Galaxy S phone – along with access to the full-fat Android Market – and can be snapped up from £150 for 8GB or double the storage for £180. For reference, an 8GB iPod Touch will set you back £195. Though it does have better apps to beat post-apocalypse boredom.

Amazon reckons it’ll get its shipment of the new MP3 players on Friday, January 7. Could be in your pocket by the weekend.

UPDATE: official spec is in – 3.2in screen, 11mm thick, 2MP cam, Wi-Fi, GPS, microSD (up to 32GB), Flash compatible, drag and drop file management and the Android version (if you didn't get it from the screen shot) is 2.1. Other retailers include and Argos.

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