News Nugget – armour-plated Panasonic FT3 arrives for gnarly abuse

The sequel to our favourite tough cam has arrived – and the square-jawed FT3 is Panasonic's toughest yet…

If your wimpish camera has left you stranded on holiday with a dreaded 'lens error' or cracked screen, you may want to look skywards right now. Panasonic's DMC-FT3 is skydiving in, and it's the company's toughest compact yet.

Its predecessor, the FT2, is our current favourite rugged cam, and the FT3 takes the pain resistance to new heights. It's now waterproof to 12m (2m more than its older brother), can absorb a 2m fall and survive temperatures as low as -10C. With a slightly melodramatic roar, it also announced that it's dustproof.

Unfortunately, the slightly limiting 4.6x optical hasn't been boosted, but built-in GPS, Full HD video recording and a 12.1MP sensor go some way towards making amends. And owners of 3D tellies will be intrigued (if not wildly excited) by the inclusion of a '3D photo mode;, which stitches together a three dimensional shot from twenty stills.

There's no official pricing from Panasonic yet, but we imagine it will be in the ballpark of its predecessor's £280 tag. You'll be able to snap it up in red or Blue from March, so look out for a review very soon.