News burst: Intel's super-Haswell, Lovefilm loves Disney films and the all-new, quite awesome Myspace

Monday's need-to-know tech stories rounded up

New Myspace has landed

I was a fond early adopter of the new Myspace beta, and now the social network pioneer has released its sexy new service to the whole world. You can join it on a voyage of music discovery via its clean new layout, GIF sharing using the iPhone app, and your own personal radio based on the music you tell it you like. A new music revolution to rival Apple’s iTunes Radio? Probably not, but I wish you well, Myspace.

Offline Glass – of the drinking variety

This ingenious Brazilian invention aims to make smartphone-addicted drinkers more sociable. It’s a beer glass with a chunk cut out that will only stand up when sat on your phone. Back to basics on two levels then. You'll note that drinking and texting is still an option, though – and that this could just make people more drunk and end with even more phones covered in beer. But who knows? It might also work. [Source: Gizmag]

Intel's 8-core Haswell-E. Crikey

As if Intel's Haswell chips weren't interesting enough already. The newly leaked Haswell-E desktop PC CPUs will use the energy-sipping architecture for six and eight-core processors, possibly even replacing existing quad-core designs in desktop computers altogether when they land next year. They will also pack up to 20MB of L3 cache and, with the 'Wellsburg' motherboard, support DDR4 RAM at 2133MHz. Yes, that is plenty for Skyrim. [Source: Engadget]

More Disney for Lovefilm

Amazon-owned British video streaming service Lovefilm has launched the Disney On Demand channel, offering an expanded list of titles including WALL-E, Lady and the Tramp and Ratatouille – and more films will be added to the catalogue in the months to come. Thus ends rival (and our current preferred video stream provider) Netflix's prior Disney advantage, and thus doubles the £4.99-per-month service's family-friendliness quotient.