New Zune definitely coming this year

The original Zune still hasn’t made its way to these shores, but it seems that a whole new version is on its way this year. And that’s str

Brian Seitz, who works at the heart of the Redmond operation, tweeted this morning, saying that “new Zune hardware [was coming] this year.” We already know that the Big M is working on ‘Zune innovation’ on 2009, but now we know for sure something concrete is on the way.

So now the guessing game can begin. What will the new Zune offer up? A bigger screen? More storage for flicks and tunes? Or maybe better tie ups with the new slew of Windows Mobile devices coming later this year.

We’re big Zune fans and really cannot wait. What do you want from a new Microsoft iPod–basher? Tell us down in the comments section.