New York fights 'iPod oblivion'

[intro]In an attempt to keep the streets of New York safe, Big Apple big cheese Carl Kruger has proposed a ban on iPod use when crossing the street[

I’ve got used to dealing with anti-Apple sentiments and iPod backlashes, but this one really puts the rest to shame. New York senator Carl Kruger has come over all Green Cross Code and is blaming iPods for a bunch of accidents on the streets of the Big Apple.

He’s coined a condition called ‘iPod oblivion’ which causes walkers to become unsafely transported into a distant land by their ‘Pods. We’ve all been there, immersed in the soft waves of sound produced by that sax solo on your favourite Kenny G record, your ears warmly caressed by those brass tones, the last thing you care about is a Ford Transit thundering towards your face.

And it seems it’s becoming a bit of a problem in New Yoik, with a number of road-based fatalities caused by distracted music lovers not giving the traffic their full attention.

So Kruger – or ‘the caring crusader’ as, erm, no one is calling him – has proposed that anyone walking or cycling across a street with an audio device (iPod or otherwise) plugged into his or her ears should receive an on-the-spot fine of $100.

In all honesty, it’s a pedestrian's equivalent to the ban on using a mobile while driving. But how annoying would it be to take your buds out every single time you cross a street?

All you need to do is follow those three simple rules we learned at school: stop, look and listen. Just not to your iPod.

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