New Year resolutions

A new year, a new start. Some resolutions to make 2011 the funnest 12 months ever

It always starts off with the best of intentions, but guaranteed our New Year resolutions will fall by the wayside come the end of January. But instead of making obvious promises you can’t keep like ‘drink less’ or ‘lose weight’ why not make up some fun resolutions to spice up your year and least give yourself a chance? Need help? Take a look at these.

Be more extreme

Whether it’s a mid-life crisis or you’re an adrenaline junkie why not look for a new rush to keep life in the fast lane. Caster boarding and in particular, the RipStik (Amazon, £66) is good place start than any. The younger brother of the skateboard, caster boards are human-propelled, two-wheeled vehicles made of two decks joined by a strong spring. You could become the new Tony Hawks, or if not, at least earn £200 from You’ve Been Framed.

Print your iPhone photos

We have a habit of leaving pics languishing on our iPhone for eternity, so every time you witness a wee kitten with it’s head stuck in a crisp wrapper, instead of helping the poor creature, you can snap it, frame it and place it proudly on the mantel piece. The Bolle BP-10 printer dock for iPhone (£130, Mobile Fun) has but one simple task in life: to print 4” by 6” iPhone photos, either as one big print or in a mosaic. ?

Read the classics

Of course there’s nothing better than posing on the tube with a well-worn vintage copy of The Old Man and the Sea. However, you could also opt for the Kindle 3G (£150, Amazon) eBook reader with a 6in display and catch up on those classic novels you’ve always promised yourself you would read before you cark it. Luckily the Kindle’s one month battery life will outlast reading War and Peace. Hopefully.

Become ‘one’ with nature

Connecting with nature and unleash your inner Tarzan or Jane without having to renew your passport. Redletterdays offers a two-night tree-house experience for two in Machynlleth, Powys for £399. Nestled in a beautiful woodland landscape (wild big game animals not included), these state-of-the-art dwellings are set high in the canopy and include a wood-burning stove that heats a springwater shower.

Learn to play a musical instrument

Let’s face it: piano takes years to master, your fingers are too stubby for plucking a guitar and recorders are best left for eight-year-old girls. The Stylophone (£13, Firebox) is sleek, retro and has enough novelty factor to spare you some embarrassment. You can become a proficient as Rolf Harris in days, plus if you decide to ditch it early door it won’t cost you big bucks

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