New Year, new iPhone features

Apple's produced a handy video run-through of the iPhone updates announced at Macworld and coming to you later this month. And if you can stomach the

How Apple left it until now to add a 'send to multiple recipients' option to text messages, we'll never know. More saliva-inducing is the newly tweaked maps app. It can now pinpoint your earthly position with a spot of phone tower triangulation and Wi-Fi hotspot sniffing. Once narrowed down to a certain area, you can finesse your locale by dropping a pin to mark your exact spot – handy when it comes to getting accurate directions.

We're also welcoming the addition of web bookmarks to the homescreen. Save a page as a bookmark and an icon wings its way to the homescreen for quick access. It can even be set to automatically show a zoomed-in section of the page. Very nice.

Of course, it could start to get a bit crowded on the homescreen with all these bookmarks, web apps and soon to be added full apps. That's why it's multiplied itself to become up to nine homescreens, which you can flip between with a swift stroke. And no more relying on Apple for the layout – the icons are rearrangable.

Finally, those iTunes film rentals we heard about? They can now be synced to your portable pal, complete with a countdown to their expiry. And you can navigate by chapters, just like with a DVD. A case of new tech catching up with old, it seems.

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