NEW YEAR, NEW GADGETEER – Stuff's top green gadgets

The gadgety guide to turning over a new leaf in 2008. Step forward our top planet-saving tech

Kyoto Wattson £150

Included in our 2007 Cool List, the Wattson (right) not only displays the power you’re using at home, wirelessly, but also syncs with your PC.  Best of all it glows in neon colours to show whether you’re a green goodie or a red wrecker of the planet.  



Iqua BHS-603 Sun £50

Bluetooth becomes Greentooth with the solar-powered Iqua Sun headset. Exclusive to Orange until February it’ll give you 200 hours of stand-by operation and nine hours of talktime for smug boasting.  

Siemens Gigaset C475 £65

Bring some eco-friendliness to your landline – remember those? Siemens rebranded DECT handsets reduce their energy suckage by 60 per cent by reducing transmission power between base and handset depending on distance. Clever Germans.  

Eco Media Player EMP-MX71 £170

Trevor Bayliss lends his wind-up magic to this eco-PMP.  For one minute of elbow grease, you’ll get 40 minutes of videos, photos, voice recording, a torch, E-books and FM radio.  It’s even a mobile phone charger for your more polluting moments.

Pure's Chronos II £70

Tis the season of DAB giving, but those parent-pleasing presents vacuum up a whole world of electricity.  Not so the Chronos II.  It gets lower power consumption, greener components and environmentally friendly packaging to cut down on waste.

United Pepper Lili £30 and Oscar £20

Funky-looking USB hub, Oscar the starfish and cute Lili the webcam octopus (both right) are produced ‘in a fair trade environment’ and made from renewable and recyclable materials like cotton, sand and kapok (soft stuff from a tree).  

TVonics DVR-FP250 £190

How does watching one Freeview TV channel while recording another and reviewing previous recordings save the planet? It doesn’t. But if you do this on the 250GB HDD DVR-FP250, you’ll use just 14.5W when it operates and 3.5W on standby.

Standby Buster £15

Standby is killing the planet and our wallets.  Standby Buster switches off your products via a remote control – no reaching down the back of the telly.  

Sun Jar £20

Constantly running out of batteries? The Sun Jar can help.  Capturing the sun during the day, it’ll glow all night long without unnatural energy sources