NEW YEAR, NEW GADGETEER: Stuff’s top fitness tech

Here at Stuff, we consider ourselves beacons of physical fitness. We drink Diet Coke, we walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift, and we've managed to limit ourselves to one chocolate bar every hour. So who better to advise you on how to shed those unwanted pounds?

Technogym Excite Run 700i £8025

If there's one thing that makes an early morning jog that bit more bearable, it's your trusty iPod. But Technogym reckons the great outdoors is overrated. Thanks to the Excite Run 700i (pictured) a treadmill with its very own ‘Pod dock, the outdoor jog is a thing of the past. From the Excite Run's display, you can control your iPod, and it'll even charge your mini-jukebox as you shed those unwanted pounds.

X-Bike + Sony PSP kit £750 + £130

For those of you who are attached to your games console as if it's an intravenous drip, you can now exercise via your PSP. Use the freewheel to pedal, and as you power through the virtual miles the handlebars of the X-Bike will rock, providing you with a full body workout.

Cybex Trazer £5000

Think of this as Cybex's answer to the Nintendo Wii. The user wears a transmitter belt, which fires an infra-red signal to a receiver connected to your telly. It then replicates your movements on TV and applies them to a host of fitness-intensive virtual reality games. So like the Wii, but four million times more expensive, then.

POWERbreathe Ironman PLUS £60

Designed to provide a workout for your respiratory muscles, the Ironman PLUS (main pic) is a resistance trainer for your breathing, allowing you to get fit without lifting a finger. You can alter the level of difficulty by twisting the knob on the bottom of the device. It’s simple, er, breathtaking.

Nintendo Wii Fit + Wii Balance Board £TBA

If you worked up a sweat while playing Wii Sports, then brace yourself. Wii Fit, Nintendo's latest interactive title, centres around the pressure sensitive balance board (above) on which you'll find yourself skiing, playing football and even edging closer to Nirvana as you indulge in a soul-searching yoga-session.

FLABéLOS £3000

Using vibration training, the FLABéLOS (above) tones muscles, improves posture and flexibility and boosts metabolism. But be warned: if you've got the odd spare tire or two hanging around your waist, this physio-bully will make you feel it, as it sends miniature earthquakes through your flabby body.

Sanyo HEC-DR6100 £5000

Light an incense stick, whack on your favourite Enya CD and relax, as this hi-tech Sanyo armchair (above) gently but firmly alleviates all that pent up stress with a sensual Shiatsu massage. The small rollers hidden beneath the plush leather finish knead your muscles, whilst a set of air jets tucked underneath the chair's arms give you a gentle air massage. It's the perfect way unwind after a tough day on the FLABéLOS.