New Xbox Experience up for grabs now

The official launch is still 24 hours away, but Xbox fanatics who signed up for a preview of the new avatar–rocking Experience can get hold of t

That means you get to hop on and take advantage of the newly tarted up interface and even create your own lookalike. Just try and banish all thoughts of your bizarre Mii character on your Nintendo Wii and focus on something a tad more realistic.

The move is aimed at bringing in even more gamers who haven't yet been snagged by the massive price cuts Microsoft introduced towards the end of the summer.

Last month we dug up information about the Big M's plans to offer up free 512MB flash drives to those with pared down Arcade or Core consoles, who will need at least 256MB to run the new Xbox Experience. There are also plans to drop cheaper, bigger hard drives for those already signed up to Xbox Live, but with paltry hard drives.

Now, we're off to spend the day creating barely passable avatars to use as our Facebook ID. But remember to tell us what you think of the new Xbox Experience in the comments section and to mouth off over in the forums.