New Xbox 360 incoming?

Filthy rumour alert! Word on the web is that Microsoft’s all–conquering gaming monster, the Xbox 360, is getting yet another update next m

The tittle tattle suggests a new 60GB version will be unveiled at gaming powwow E3, and will sit in between the standard 20GB model and the mighty 120GB Xbox 360 Elite.

This would certainly make sense and give even more mileage to the now practically geriatric hub. There’s certainly no chance of us seeing a full–on update in the next year, but this would definitely take the fight to Sony and the PS3.

60GB would give enough space to stash HD movies and the like from Video Marketplace, but wouldn’t hit your wallet for anything like the Elite’s £260 price tag. Any new version would most likely ship in August.

Elsewhere, the Big M is said to be readying an avatar system like Nintendo’s Mii for the Wii. That doesn’t sound too unlikely either. We’ll be keeping an eagle eye out for any official news, so keep your eyes on the news feed.


Xbox 360 60GB

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Microsoft