New video! Stuff meets Industrial Light & Magic's special effects wizards

Wham! Bam! Boom! Sploosh! We head over to San Francisco to meet the CGI maestros behind Battleship's special effects

Since George Lucas created Industrial Light & Magic in 1975, the visual effects house has pioneered new special effects tech, using CGI to conjure up gigantic spaceships out of a photo-realistic sea in Battleship, and emotive performances out of motion-captured characters such as the Hulk in Avengers Assemble.

But how do these rendering wizards create the virtual worlds and characters we take for granted? And where can CGI and visual effects take us in the future? We sent intrepid Stuff explorer (and avowed film geek) Stephen Graves to a green screen at ILM HQ to find out. It really is a must-see video...

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