New video! Nokia Lumia 900 – does bigger mean better?

We take a look at Nokia's biggest Lumia handset yet. But does coughing up the cash for a bigger screen mean the Lumia 900 is better than its smaller sibling?

Bigger doesn't always mean better, so if you're wondering whether you should be fooled by the Lumia 800's beast of a brother, the answer is probably not. Offering very similar hardware and essentially the same software, Nokia's giant Windows-flavoured phone can only boast a bigger screen and a front-facing camera over its smaller sibling. Still, it's a good looking handset with a simple operating system – so if you're a Nokia lover hankering for a big and bold Windows Phone smartphone, our video review is definitely worth a watch. While you're at it, why not read our Nokia Lumia 900 review, too.

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