New video! Mark Cavendish talks to Stuff and poses for our July Olympic special

We went down to Mark Cavendish’s Stuff cover shoot to talk tech, preparation for the big race and the trusty steed he's hoping to ride to a gold medal

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past few weeks, you’ll already know we’ve pulled out all the stops for our July issue to commemorate the sporting event currently on everyone’s lips. Of course, we’re talking about the Olympic games. Not only is it our first celebrity cover, it’s our first three, with Mark Cavendish, Jessica Enis and the man they call Lightening Bolt (Usain Bolt) each gracing their own Olympics special edition cover.

We went to meet Mark Cavendish at his cover shoot for some behind the scenes action and more importantly, to talk about the trusty steed he’s hoping to ride to a gold medal, the tech that keeps him company – whether travelling during his 200 days on the road or pedaling hell for leather mid-race – and what it’s like to be the fastest man on two wheels. Watch the video here.

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