New video! MacBook Pro 15-inch 2011 review

As we know, Apple's gone and refreshed its MacBook Pro range, so we grabbed the 15-inch model for closer inspection

You'll find no cosmetic differences between the new 15-inch MacBook Pro - and the entire MacBook Pro range, for that matter - and its predecessor. But if you're a current MacBook Pro owner, no matter how you try and justify it, you'll come to the same conclusion - you no longer have the best Pro on the market. It's out of date and has been trumped by a machine twice as fast, with a super speedy Intel core i7 processor running the show. One of the biggest differences has to be the inclusion of the new Thunderbolt port. But is it better? What do you think. But if you need convincing, feast your eyes on our video review and find out.


MacBook Pro line gets spec refresh  

Apple MacBook Pro 2011

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