New video! How to survive a zombie apocalypse

When the beginning of the end is near, the undead uprising has begun and brain-thirsty zombies are baying for your brain – will you be prepared? We certainly will be…

Whether you want to believe it or not, the zombies are coming. Ground forces will be deployed, body bags ordered and random strangers will become your best friends. But what will you actually do when staring directly in the face of a zombie apocalypse? And will you have the intestinal fortitude to waste your own family if necessary?

There'll be no time for cowering behind the sofa, rocking back and forth in the dark with your hands over your ears hoping that it'll all go away – you've got to find your inner bad-ass,  man up and fight back.

Need some gadget-shaped inspiration for the inevitable undead uprising? Check out our kitbag of zombie apocalypse survival gadgets that could very well stand in the way of you and a painfully gruesome death. You never know, the fate of humanity could end up resting on your shoulders. It's definitely worth watching – you know, just in case.

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