New video! BMW goes for green with its C evolution E-scooter

BMW may be showing off its new E-scooter, but don't expect to see this planet-friendly hog on the road till at least 2014…

BMW's conspicuously designed C evolution electric scooter promises to be kind to the planet, get you to where you need to go within a 62 mile range, and serve up a maximum speed of around 75mph. That's all from a full charge. While we couldn't put these claims to the test, BMW let us ogle at its impressive stylings and get the low-down on the design and production process from product manager Christian Ebner. It's still very much in prototype territory, so it won't be turning heads anytime soon, but expect to see it whizz by on a street near you come 2014. Want to know more? Watch the video

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