New video! Acer Iconia review

Acer's Iconia is a bit of a curious device - is it a tablet, is it a laptop, or a combination of both?

A laptop-come-tablet with dual touchscreens isn't going to be to everyone's tastes - especially when it costs around the same price as the higher specced 15-inch MacBook Pro. So while you're probably wondering why Acer would eschew a keyboard for another glossy screen, Acer is convinced there's a gap in the market for people craving the tablet experience, on a powerful 14-inch laptop-shaped machine. 

There may not be any keyboard action, but there are cool hand gestures to get to grips with. Grab the bottom screen to pull up the Acer ring - a nifty way to access core applications; place all 10 digits on the screen and up pops the keyboard. Clever. Acer is obviously convinced, but what do you think?


Acer Iconia Smart hands on 

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