New Stuff magazine – The Rich List and Travel Supplement

For £3.99 each month we like to think we give you the best that your money can buy. For the best that all the money in the world can buy we brin

For the best that all the money in the world can buy we bring you The Rich List. It features some of the most crazily expensive products out there – so expensive that you'll probably never see them out in the wild.

We're all about balance, though, so after getting you lusting over the stuff you can't afford, we show you some that you can. The 50 Best Gadgets Under £100 is a list of five star tech at two star prices.

Our Semi Pro Snappers feature pits the top prosumer digital SLRs against one another to see which one comes out on top. Essential reading if you're looking to take some quality snaps on you summer holidays.

Add to that the mighty Stuff Travel Supplement. 50 pages of essential kit and tips for your summer getaway. Including how to survive a shark attack, top 10 tech hotels and kit for all occasions from sightseeing to surfing.

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