New Sony PS3 incoming?

A super slim, super cheap PS3 could be on its way – and it may even be packing new processing power

If you were thinking of saving some shelf space in your gaming cave – and money on your power bills – by picking up a PS3 Slim, you might want to wait – Sony could have a newer, slimmer PS3 in the works for a big reveal next month.

The button bashers over at Pocket News have found a patent for a new model of PS3 called the 4000 series. With the current PS3 Slim version called the 3000 series, this news could point to a slimmer model, packing a new (solid state?) hard drive. And  because there was a new debugging station – which is usually used for testing new chips – we reckon even the Cell processor might have an upgrade. This probably won’t be a power upgrade as older models will need to play the same games, but it could be a more affordable option – making that space saving upgrade a wallet winner too.

If the rumours bear fruit, expect Sony to announce the slimmed-down 4000 series PS3 at Gamescom next month.

[Via The Verge]

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