New rugged Nokia gets named and specced

The unknown rugged Nokia that has been put through its paces on YouTube this week has been named and specced online.On Monday, Nokia Conversations pos

On Monday, Nokia Conversations posted videos of an unnamed "rugged device", putting it into a pool, a pint of beer, dropping it from the top of a ladder and even giving it a good whack with a golf club.

Now Daily Mobile is naming the candy bar phone in the videos as the Nokia 3720 Classic, a water and dust resistant phone run on Symbian S40, with over 2.5 weeks stand by battery, a 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, FM radio and even a torch.

Taking on the likes of the Land Rover S1 phone from Sonim we got to grips with a few weeks ago, the Nokia rumoured to be available in September.

Of course none of this is yet straight from the Nokia camp, so reserve judgement until then and be sure to check out how its competitor Land Rover phone got on in our video test.