New Nokia phones incoming – could it be the Tube?

It’s been a while since Nokia rolled out some new phones, so plans to give industry insiders the deets on a pair of new blowers next week have s

The new mobies, set to be officially unveiled on 25 August, will be aired to those in the know on Monday, with the Tube favourite to get an official thumbs up.

We know that’s it’s definitely coming this year, but the phone also known as the 5800 XpressMusic has been notoriously absent from any Nokia statements, while leaked info swells like Cristiano Ronaldo’s head after winning the Champions League.

Other suggestions include the regularly mooted N85 and N79, although this wouldn’t be nearly as exciting would it?

We’ll know more next week and will keep you in the loop as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can check out all the deets on the Nokia Tube in our preview.