New Nokia Lumias cheaper than the iPhone 5?

If European and worldwide pre-order prices are anything to go by, the new Nokia Lumia smartphones could be quite the bargain

Until now pricing for the Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 has been tip-top secret. That's made it hard to tell just how threatening the Windows Phone 8 smartphones will be to the iPhone 5 and its steep £530 price. But recent pre-orders point towards some affordable Nokia kit.

Nokia Russia has opened up pre-orders of the Lumia 920 with a price of 24,990 rubles (£493). Cheaper than Apple already, plus higher prices are usually common for Russia. But, and this is the important bit, the iPhone 4S costs upwards of 30,000 rubles and the flagship HTC One X and One S also cost more.

Looking towards Europe, Italy's €599 (£476) price for the Lumia 920 is similar to Germany meaning we can expect around this level.

The mid-range Lumia 820 in Russia sets you back 19,990 rubles (£395), so it's looking likely both smartphones will undercut the basic 16GB iPhone 5 and a number of Android flagship devices quite substantially.

But you can buy a capable Galaxy Nexus SIM-free for under £300, so it could be worth a look to save some pennies – presuming you can live without the latest and greatest phones.

Of course, Nokia could wade in and try to justify a higher price with all those new features like NFC, wireless charging and PureView camera – but we can't see it messing around, what with the company's survival at stake.

[via The Verge]

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