New! A new old thing!

With analysts everywhere arguing that new is the new old, or that old is the new new, or that Thursday is the new black, it’s nice to see a Minox camera that is simultaneously old, new and black. But not Thursday.

Old: The Digital Rollei TLR is a 1/4-scale replica of a camera that was widely used in the Thirties. You held the camera at waist level, and looked down into the viewfinder on top of it. After snapping, you wound the frame advance crank.

New: This new version has a two-megapixel CMOS sensor that takes square 1200x1200 pixel prints, to match the 6x6cm frame of the original. The viewfinder that you look down into is actually a 0.9inch LCD. The frame advance crank is still there, and despite this being a digital camera, you are required to give it a spin in between shots. Cute.

Black: Yep, it’s black. Wonderfully retro, with all the right logos, features and accessories.

Thursday: No. The £300 Minox Digital Rollei TLR is nothing to do with Thursday.