New Navmans get piccy

Map symbols can be cruel. Imagine our disappointment on discovering that all the elephant icons you pass on the road don’t denote herds of the majestic mammals – it just stands for a bog standard wildlife park. The trek home from a 200-mile trip to Stoat Adventure World can be tensely silent. Thank heavens, then, for NavPix, which finds its way onto all three of the new N-Series Navmans (Navmen?). Heralded as the world’s first navigate-to-pictures technology, it allows you to store favoured locations as photos, which can be navigated to at the press of a button. NavPix can be downloaded from the website, where you can also share your own, taken on the built-in 1.3megapixel cameras found on the N40i and N60i (pictured). The budget N20 loses the camera but retains all three models’ sleek new looks. The N40 adds Euro mapping on CD-ROM and enhanced GPS, while the N60i has the Euro maps preloaded and comes with a Sony-matching, 4.3-inch widescreen display. Each model also comes with full postcode search, free traffic updates and built-in safety camera info – which should stop HM Government taking some location-based photos of its own.