New MacBook set for 14 October

With talk of the so–called Apple Brick getting beyond rampant, it looks like the new MacBook we've been pining for is just around the corner. 14

Apple's already said to be well on the way with the 'Brick' process, building their new lappies out of a single block of aluminium rather than cobbled together white or black plastic.

There are also reports that Nvidia graphics will find their way into the machines, with the company already touting the goods to their employees ahead of release.

On top of that, previous gossip has pointed to more hard drive space, a new look and a lower price tag. And let's face it, all are welcome. And you can bet that the new MacBook Pro will also be showing up on the same day too.

We're working the phones and keeping our ears to the ground, so stay tuned for more news as soon as we get it.


New Apple MacBook

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Apple